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Beautiful framed artwork modeled in a farmhouse setting.

To print or not to print?

Many of us have CDs, flash drives, online galleries, etc. holding thousands of our digital images. While having these seems to be a “safe” way to store our memories, we never know when technology will surpass us. Those storage units will become obsolete, or worse yet, corrupt. Storing the digital files vs staring at your luxury prints seems like a no-brainer. Invest in those precious moments with your family, and print your images. This allows you to enjoy them every day.

How long does it take to search and sort for that perfect image you are looking for? From there, you will research and often gamble on a printer that you can trust to deliver the true quality, colors and durability that your memories deserve.

Life gets busy. We all hold good intentions for printing our images, however, sitting in a drawer or “in the cloud” won’t allow you to appreciate them as much as having those beautiful luxury prints hanging on your walls. If offered, I encourage you to invest in the option to print your images and gift yourself the beauty of the family that fills your heart.

Farmhouse entry way displaying three family portraits.

There is a need for digital files

Digital files are fun for you to share on social media, make cards, and announcements! We as photographers also love seeing them shared! Your memories, however, deserve to be printed, preserved and enjoyed for many years to come. As you walk by your beautiful full-format print on your wall, it will bring you a joy that a small format on a screen cannot. Turn those digital files into something tangible. This helps you appreciate and remember those beautiful moments with your family.

A finished print is one that has been polished to look its absolute best. Professional printers only use high-quality, thick, long-lasting photo-grade paper (or canvas, or album pages). Your images become artwork and are preserved to last for generations to come.

The investment in putting those memories into an album or up on your walls is worth it now, and for many years to come. A printed photograph is one of the few things that will GAIN value as it gets older.

Three portraits hung on a wall above baby's crib.

More Reasons to Print Your Images:

  • A print is TANGIBLE. You will have a more complex and complete experience with something you can hold in your hand versus looking at it on a screen. Looking at a print on your desk can put a smile on your face every day! Walking by a favorite family portrait donning your hallway wall can bring a smile to your face every day.
  • A print is ART. Turn your home into a gallery of your family memories, give your walls life, and create a warm and inviting space.
  • A print is your FINAL PRODUCT. The digital file is only one ingredient.
  • A print can be a GIFT. And a perfect gift at that! Grandparents love nothing more than to be able to look through an album. Not only to enjoy those grandbabies every day, but also to display and show off!
  • CLASSIC & TIMELESS. A print will never go out of style and certainly will not become obsolete. How great would it be to have prints of your grandparents at their wedding, or your parents as small children?
  • A print is LASTING. A print will last for generations to come – providing they are printed well (another reason for professional printing).

Maternity portrait displayed in a white themed bedroom.Your Photographer Can Help!

Professional photographers who offer heirloom prints and albums have taken the legwork – and guesswork – out of everything that goes into your final artwork pieces. Simply choose your favorite images and the sizes that will best compliment your home. Your photographer will then deliver those precious memories in the form of TANGIBLE prints that your great-grandchildren can admire one day.

As a full-service Newborn & Family Photographer in Southern Minnesota, I enjoy delivering beautiful, heirloom artwork for clients to enjoy. If you’re curious about how to dress your walls in stunning artwork featuring your loved ones, I would love to chat with you! Visit my contact page to start the conversation!

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