What does Newborn Photography cost?

Having a child is an absolutely unique experience that most people look forward to. There are situations in which the road to becoming parents can be difficult, however, once you finally have that sweet little bundle in your arms, you are introduced to a brand new love that you will never find anywhere else. Determining what your budget is for a newborn session will be important. Your newborn photography session cost will vary based on what your expectations are.

Many parents choose to preserve that sweet little face, and those tiny details by scheduling a newborn photography session. The memories of those tiny fingers and toes may fade, but the images captured in a newborn session will allow you to remember them this tiny for a very long time. You’re looking for those beautiful photographs to adorn your walls, but you aren’t quite sure how much your newborn session will cost.

Here you can read more about what to expect to invest when looking for a newborn photographer.

Editing and Retouching a Newborn Session

There are some photographers who offer a flat rate for editing your newborn gallery. Other photographers will charge on a per-image basis. It is important to keep in mind that the experience, skill, and programs used will all be a factor in what their final cost per image may be, as well as your total newborn session cost.

For example, a highly-skilled, experienced photographer will use only the highest-quality programs for retouching your images. They will delicately remove those tiny skin flakes that are very common in newborns, as well as gently soften their skin to emphasize their beautiful faces without rendering any changes to the overall image.

It is important to view a photographer’s full portfolio to find out if their editing techniques and style are suited to your liking. You definitely do not want to pay for images that don’t fit exactly what you are looking for.


This can (and will) vary between photographers. However, this will also have an impact on the cost of your newborn photography session.

A photographer that offers a studio location, as well as props, accessories, etc. will more than often be higher priced than a photographer that doesn’t offer these amenities. Keep in mind that having a studio often provides a clean, temperature-controlled environment to keep you and your new baby safe and comfortable.

Some photographers will travel to your home also. They will bring anything needed to capture those beautiful first moments with your new family.

You should research available photographers in your area and find the one that best fits what you are looking for. It is highly suggested to reach out and ask questions to ensure that all of your needs will be met and you will be indeed a good fit for each other.

Session Fee

If you are not familiar with this term, this is something that highly influences the cost of any photography session.

Basically, the session fee is the amount that a photographer will charge for setting up your photography session. This often entails the time it takes to set up various sets, prepare their camera equipment, etc.

You may find that some photographers include a certain amount of images or a print credit with their session fee. Other photographers will charge a flat rate session fee, and anything else will be an additional cost. If you aren’t sure about the session fee or cannot find a detailed breakdown of what is included in the final cost, be sure to as your photographer what is included in the final invoice cost.

Having these conversations beforehand can eliminate unexpected costs in the end.

Total Number of Images

More images in your gallery can often mean a higher end cost. Some photographers will offer packages at different tiers which helps you to determine what you can look forward to according to your budget.

For example, you may receive 5 images with your session, but can purchase an additional amount for a cost. A standard “mid-tier” photography package may include 10 images for $650.00, while a “top-tier” package may include 25 images for $1,500.00.

A full-resolution image will always cost more than a social media sized image. Having the printing rights for a full-resolution image allows you to print most sizes beautifully, including large statement pieces for your wall.

Some photographers will offer high-quality artwork and will print your images for you. In these situations, they will design beautiful albums for you, provide their expertise on which images will be perfect to hang over your fireplace, or simply how to preserve these images for generations to come. Since this knowledge and expertise often involve additional time and attention, these products and services will often come as a higher investment. However, having museum-quality, heirloom products to preserve these memories for you is always priceless.

Photographer Skill Level

Finding a photographer that has over a decade of experience and education in your specific niche is going to charge more than someone who just picked up a camera six months ago.

This can be attributed to the education, safety courses, equipment knowledge and efficiency that an experienced photographer can provide. Amateur photographers may not have the appropriate education nor the skillset to recognize light placements, camera settings, or correct angles for creating exceptional images.

This is not saying that a new photographer can’t deliver an exceptional gallery for you. Your photographer’s portfolio should be an important factor in making your decision.

In summary, how much will a Newborn Photography session cost?

A newborn photography session, on average, will cost anywhere from $400 to $800. If you are looking for a photographer with many years of experience, highly trained on the practices and safety of posing newborns, and is highly-skilled in photo retouching, you can expect to invest over $1,000.

You can expect about the same amount when determining your final image quantity, artwork selection, etc. Factoring in everything that was discussed above will give you a good starting point in setting your budget for this experience, as well as help you establish deciding factors when choosing a newborn photographer.

If you’re interested in seeing what I have to offer, feel free to reach out to me today and start the conversation. You can also view more of my portfolio here.

I am always happy to answer any questions you have!

Baby boy with light blue sleepy cap posed during his newborn photography session.
Image by Jennifer Brandes Photography

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