Preparing for Your Newborn Session

Newborn boy yawning during his studio portrait session.

You have your newborn session booked, now what? Throughout the newborn session planning process, we’ve established your favorite colors, the colors that you prefer in your artwork to match the baby’s nursery and your home, props that you’d like used, and many other things, but what else can you do to prepare for a successful newborn photography session? I’ve put together a simple guide that will help you in preparing for your newborn session.


  • If you are breastfeeding, try to avoid any spicy or gas-inducing foods for at least 24 hours before your session. Try to stick with a bland diet to ensure that baby’s tummy is not upset during their session.


  • Do your best to keep baby awake for a few hours before your session. I understand this may be difficult, but I ask that you do your best. Some tricks to help keep baby awake are: tickle their feet, give baby a bath, get baby naked, play/interact with baby. We will get some incredible images if your baby sleeps through their session.
  • Please bring a bottle of formula or breastmilk, along with a pacifier should we need it. Even if you are not using a pacifier at home, it can help soothe baby back to sleep, or simply distract them during changing of poses. I will never use pacifier more than necessary.
  • Make sure to bring a soft pacifier such as the soothie brand found here. Hard pacifiers may leave a mark on baby’s face.

  • Allow baby a FULL FEED right before the session. If you are planning to feed baby when you arrive, that is ok too! We have time allotted for baby to eat and cuddle during your session, so please don’t feel as if you have to rush.

  • Dress baby in a loose zip-up or snap pajamas. Try to avoid any onesies or shirts that have to be put over their head. This allows for minimal disturbance if he/she is sleeping when you arrive. My favorites are the Simple Joys by Carter that zip up from the bottom, and have a protective flap to avoid zipper marks on baby’s face.
  • Relax and enjoy your time at the studio! I typically will not need help, but will surely ask you if I do. I will spend my time perfecting tiny fingers and hands, and you can rest assured your gallery will be beautiful.


  • Full newborn sessions will typically last anywhere from 2-4 hours. You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to your session if you’d like.  The studio also has a snack and beverage bar that clients are welcome to use.
  • If your session includes family photos, we will do those either at the beginning or at the end of your session. I strongly encourage you to have a family member drive separately to take any siblings home after the family portion is complete (or bring them later when we are finished with just the baby). The studio is full of very expensive camera equipment, lighting gear, and props. Kids can be very curious and I’d like to avoid any accidents. Baby will sleep and pose better with less noise or distractions.
  • Mommas, please prep dads before your scheduled session as well. Most dads aren’t expecting sessions to last as long as they do. This helps to ensure that your session isn’t being rushed.
  • Dress lightly or in layers! The studio will be very warm and cozy to keep the baby comfortable during our entire time together.

Your newborn session will be baby-led. I listen and watch for what they are “telling” me. Though I cannot guarantee every pose, I will deliver a full gallery of beautiful images that you will cherish for many years to come!

Feel free to visit the portfolio to see more beautiful newborn photography sessions, or simply contact me to start the conversation about scheduling your very own newborn session!

See you soon!

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