Your Newborn Photography Session: Moments of Perfection

Newborn boy yawning during his studio portrait session.

Capturing Moments of Perfection | Jennifer Brandes Photography

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a precious and fleeting moment that deserves to be captured through a newborn photography session. 

This is a one-of-a-kind session that you will cherish for a lifetime. A newborn photography session allows you to preserve the innocence, beauty, and pure perfection of your little one in stunning images. In this blog, we will explore the art of newborn photography, offering valuable tips, creative ideas, and essential information to help you make your final decision about scheduling your newborn photography session.

Newborn photography session images by Jennifer Brandes Photography.

Newborn photography is an art that allows us to freeze time and capture the fleeting moments of our little ones’ early days.

By following the guidance and tips provided by your photographer, you will experience a relaxing and calm newborn session that will be cherished for generations to come. From careful preparation and safe posing techniques to capturing precious moments and adding personal touches, newborn photography offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the miracle of new life and create memories that will be treasured forever.

Baby girl wrapped in white lace posed in a crate.

As a new parent or seasoned parent, bringing your brand-new baby anywhere can be a daunting task.

Not only are you now adjusting to accommodating your timeline to this tiny new person (late to everything!), but your mama-bear instincts are on high alert. Your worries and constant fears about the unknown are almost impossible to ignore at times, and I completely understand.

I have successfully completed and obtained newborn safety certificates from several accreditations. Much like any other profession that requires renewed education, I make it a priority to attend at least one seminar or workshop every year to make sure I stay on top of the newest trends and latest discoveries.

Newborn baby girl wrapped in a soft mint color during her newborn photography session.

Over the past 13 years, I have photographed hundreds of newborn babies. No two newborn sessions are alike, just as no two babies are alike. Each one of them has their own beautiful personality – even at such a young age. My job is to keep them safe, and comfortable.  I strive to provide you with a relaxing newborn session and an amazing gallery.

Baby girl holding a pillow.

Your newborn’s photography session will never be rushed.

Believe it or not, your newborn will determine the flow of your session. Is he hungry? We will take a break for him to eat. If he doesn’t like being wrapped, we will move on to non-wrapped positions. If she loves being wrapped, I will soothe her by choosing various wrapped setups. All of the fabrics I use in the studio are washed in dye-free, baby-friendly detergent. Your little one will be swaddled in only clean, hygienic material to ensure their comfort.

Newborn baby girl wrapped in neutral colors.


White noise and warm temperatures ensure a calming atmosphere for your little one.  As always, the studio temperature is regulated to 78 degrees to ensure your baby’s comfort whether wrapped or unwrapped. Feel free to sit back and relax (or take a nap!).  I encourage you to enjoy the time spent with me while watching me work my magic.  I’ll be perfecting little fingers, meticulous wrapping designs, and taking in the tiny snuggles of your newest addition.

You can view even more galleries by visiting my Newborn Page on the website.  I’m always happy to answer questions and am here to help.

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