What is a Fresh 48 Photography Session?

Fresh 48 Photography session in Mankato Minnesota.

A Fresh 48 Photography Session is complimentary when you book your Newborn Photo Session with JB Photography and choose either the Premiere or Deluxe Collection.

Delicate details of a newborn within 48 hours of birth.

Your baby’s birth is a tremendous moment in your life.  After nine long months, you’re finally able to see, hold, and touch your perfect little miracle! Capture these beautiful, yet simplistic images of them with a Fresh 48 Photography Session.

Your time in the hospital with them may seem simple.  You count fingers and toes, study those tiny facial features, and absorb every little bit of this new person. Your heart is now full of a love that you’ve never felt before.

Newborn baby holding mom and dad's hands in the hospital for her Fresh 48 Newborn Session.

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 Session is an exclusive session for families who are looking to document their baby’s first moments.  We will document all of those fresh new features and details.

Your Fresh 48 Photography session will be held at your baby’s place of birth (hospital, birth center, or home) within the first 12-48 hours after birth.

You can count on me to find the best natural lighting in your room. For these sessions, I do not use a flash, but rather beautiful, soft window lighting. I like to schedule the Fresh 48 Sessions in the morning (before) noon, to ensure we have the softest light available. Unposed and real interactions between you, your family, and your newest addition.  First meetings, feedings, and those special quiet moments where they gaze endlessly into your eyes.  You will have the images of those sweet new baby wrinkles, delicate locks of hair, as well as their tiny toes and feet. You and your partner can soak in all of the newness, while I capture those intimate moments for you.

Images of the precious first moments in a newborns life.

Undoubtedly, those first days and hours after the birth of your new baby often pass in a blur, but a Fresh 48 Newborn Session is perfect for holding onto those sweet cheeks and tiny yawns for a lifetime.

It would be an absolute honor to capture these moments for you as an add-on to your Newborn Package, or simply a stand-alone photography session.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about a Fresh 48 Photography Session.  I am always happy to help.

Newborn Fresh 48 Session details of baby within the first two days.

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