Bumbelou Mankato: A Children’s Boutique

Little boy smiling for his six month milestone session at Jennifer Brandes Photography.

Nestled in the heart of charming Mankato, Minnesota, there’s a special place that’s capturing the hearts of parents and children alike. Welcome to Bumbelou, a delightful boutique that has become a cherished destination for families in the area. Read more about what makes Bumbelou a must-visit for parents and kids in Mankato.

Six month old boy posed during his milestone session in Mankato, Minnesota.

Bumbelou: More Than a Store

Bumbelou is so much more than your typical children’s store; it’s an experience waiting to be discovered.  The store’s cozy layout and whimsical decor create an enchanting environment that instantly puts both kids and adults at ease.

Handcrafted and Unique

One of the standout features of Bumbelou is its commitment to offering handmade and locally sourced products. You’ll find a curated selection of children’s clothing, accessories, toys, and nursery decor that reflects the care and craftsmanship of local artisans. These unique and one-of-a-kind items make Bumbelou a treasure trove for parents seeking something truly special for their little ones.

Little boy smiling for his six month milestone session at Jennifer Brandes Photography near Mankato, Minnesota.

Find Fashion-forward Kids’ Clothing in Mankato at Bumbelou

Bumbelou’s clothing collection is a testament to its dedication to quality and style. From adorable baby onesies to trendy outfits for older kids, the store offers a range of fashion-forward options that will make your child the best-dressed kid on the block. The carefully selected brands and designs at Bumbelou ensure that your child will stand out in the most fashionable way.

Little boy in a green romper found at Bumbelou Mankato.

Gifts with a Personal Touch at Bumbelou, Mankato

Finding the perfect gift for a child’s birthday or a baby shower can be a breeze at Bumbelou. The store’s selection of personalized and customizable items adds a personal touch to your presents. Whether it’s a monogrammed blanket, a custom-made baby outfit, or a unique toy, you’ll leave Bumbelou with a gift that’s sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.


In Mankato, Minnesota, Bumbelou is more than just a children’s boutique; it’s a place where families come together to explore, connect, and discover treasures that can’t be found anywhere else. With its handcrafted and unique products and adorable, fashion-forward clothing, Bumbelou has quickly become a beloved boutique for families in the area.


Whether you’re a new parent searching for baby essentials, a grandparent looking for the perfect gift, or a child excited to pick out a new outfit, Bumbelou offers everything that you may be looking for. So, the next time you find yourself in Mankato, be sure to visit Bumbelou!

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