Newborn Photography Session: Saint Peter, Minnesota

Baby boy pictured in a wooden bucket.

Highlights from this newborn Photography Session – Saint Peter, Minnesota.  A sweet little boy who was 14 days new when he came to the studio.  These are only a handful of the incredible images that make up his full gallery.

Baby boy wrapped in blue blanket wearing a blue bonnet.

I’m always excited to meet these little people.  I never know what they will look like, how big (or small) they will be, or how much hair they will have.  That is one part of this profession that will never get old.  Imagine an artist creating beautiful artwork, but only having a canvas with an empty brush.   I can create the setups, backdrops, wraps, etc. but until I can incorporate that gorgeous little face, my work is only a blank page.

First things first.

When mom, dad, and baby arrive at the studio, the very first few things I do are explain where the amenities are, ask if there’s anything I can do for THEM to make them more comfortable, and simply start a conversation!

My session flow typically begins with swaddling baby simply to help comfort them while in a new place.  This also helps them drift off to a nice, deep sleep, and our session officially begins.

Wrapped poses of a newborn baby boy.

Your Newborn Photography Session:  All Wrapped Up.

While baby is wrapped, I can quickly change colors, textures, or backdrops to allow for variety in your gallery.  This is often when I will take advantage of capturing their tiny toes and feet!  I love how their hands automatically want to hold onto their toes, and the close-up images are the ones that I like to leave more detail in.  You can remember exactly what two weeks old looked like with them!

Newborn boy in a bucket with a brown bonnet.

The final “wrapped” phase is typically a prop.  They’re pretty comfortable with their photographer, and by this point, they’ve been able to fall into that sweet dreamland sleep.  I’ll often switch between bonnets (or tie-backs for little girls) and no bonnets, so your gallery will have many options for you to choose from for your newborn photography session.

Little boy wearing a white bear outfit and bonnet during his newborn session.

Getting Dressed Up.

In the studio, I have many (maybe too many?) outfits, bonnets, headbands, etc. and I LOVE to incorporate at least one into a newborn session.  This one was a quick transition into the bear suit, and we were able to capture several different poses on the newborn bed prop.

White bear outfit on newborn boy during his newborn photography session.

Of course, since he was still sound asleep, I transitioned him to the table.  Here, I was able to get a few more beautiful images of his adorable face.

Detail shots of a newborn during his newborn photography session.

All in the Details.

Fast forward towards the end of the session.  Baby is waking up and we have successfully filled a gallery with incredible images.  This is often times where I will capture the precious details of your newborn’s makeup.  Those lips, tiny toes, belly buttons, and nose!  We will capture exactly how tiny they were at this point in their new life.


Every baby is different, just as every newborn photography session is different.  I can’t tell you exactly how your newborn session will go, but I can assure you that both you and your baby will be comfortable and you will receive a gallery full of images that you will love.  Every baby is treated as if it were my own, and I treat every mom how I wanted to be treated having just brought a new baby into the world.  I GET IT – ALL OF IT, and I’m always here to lend a hand or be a sounding board.  All while doing what I absolutely love.

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