Top Ten Family Summer Activities In Southern Minnesota 

Having kids and keeping them entertained in Southern Minnesota may seem like a good idea at first. But for those of you who are new to parenting, maybe moved to these parts recently, or are simply out of ideas – you might start to panic a little when figuring out what to do. It is no secret that kids can be challenging to please, so the family summer activities you plan need to be fun. However, we all know sometimes it is hard to think of the best ideas to keep things entertaining.

That’s why I’m here! Before you begin to plan the ultimate family summer activities with your loved ones, make sure to create a “summer bucket list.” It should include all the things you want to do and the things your children can be involved in. When I made this list, I initially made it for myself, so I am thrilled I have the opportunity to share it with you!

Top Ten Fun Things To Do In Southern Minnesota With Your Kids

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry season in Minnesota takes place in June and July. But if the spring has been warm, then you should go earlier. Trust me, this is one of the best fun things for both parents and children to do in Southern Minnesota. Just pick your orchard, monitor the weather app to go on a sunny day, and the adventure can begin!

Visit the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway

Do you love nature and being in the great outdoors? Then, this breathtaking riverside will charm you with not only its beauty but also numerous family summer activities you can do with your loved ones. These include fishing, hiking, canoeing, paddle boat excursions, and much more. What is best, you can also visit the Fawn Doe Rosa Wildlife Educational Park, located in the neighboring Wisconsin, in St. Croix Falls. It is a magical place, especially for children. There, you will see all kinds of animals – even some that will eat out of your hands!.


Opt For a Drive-In Movie

If your kids are fans of the silver screen, then this is an activity that everyone can enjoy. Also, let’s face it – there is no better way to spend a summer night than watching a movie outside! Hence, I present to you the Vali Hi Drive-In, located in Lake Elmo. You can park your car, get a cheap snack, and enjoy the show. If you need an alternative, just visit Starlite Drive-In in Litchfield or the Elko New Market Drive-In Theater. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the bugs. Since it is summer and it is Minnesota, there will be plenty of mosquitoes, so bring something to protect yourself.

Sleep in a tent

Are you an adventurer by heart? I can imagine that your children are no different than the other kids their age, meaning they constantly want to explore. Well, you can always combine that passion for the unknown with your sense of adventure and create a wonderful evening. It doesn’t even matter if you are in your backyard. As long as you set up a tent, you will have the time of your life. Everyone has memories of sleeping in a tent when they were young, so why not do the same for your kids? They will love it, and it will definitely stick in their memory.


Go to the Farmers’ Market

Summer Activities in Minnesota

No matter where you are, there is bound to be a farmers’ market somewhere nearby. This goes for all parents whose children are bursting with energy, especially early in the morning. In some households, the kids even wake up before the parents do – and if that is the case, then it is time for you to take some action. Early risers can take advantage of the situation and go out to the nearest farmers’ market. Why not load up on fresh produce for the entire week? These markets are the perfect place where you can have all the fun in the world and discover new things.

Lemonade stands

Among all the things to do in Southern Minnesota, this one is a classic. I used to love my lemonade stand, and even as an adult, I still try to support this venture every time I see it. Southern Minnesota summers are warm, and having a lemonade stand is an excellent way to keep the kids excited about their entrepreneurial venture and also refreshed.

Go to Stillwater

Summer activites in Minnesota

Stillwater is one of the cutest little cities in Minnesota, making it a perfect destination for your day trip. Once you get there, you will notice there is a lot to do – from visiting locations like Teddy Bear Park, Pioneer Park, and Lowell Park to amazing food stations. There is no doubt about it: your children will love this town!

Mini golfing

When I was little, I loved it when my parents took me mini-golfing. It was one of the best family summer activities we did, and I still enjoy it to this day. I find it entertaining how it combines making strategies with just playing. If you want to provide this for your kids as well, I suggest taking them to a mini golf course. Thankfully, there are many of these throughout Southern Minnesota, and all of them are as incredible as they come.

Do some hiking

The best way to keep your kids entertained and outdoors is to organize a hike! It is a safe and healthy option, as long as you choose a hiking trail that is easy and relatively short (depending on the general energy level of the family). You can choose anyone you like – Interstate State Park, Lake Maria State Park, Willow State Park, and more. Just remember to bring along some snacks and bug repellent.

Pizza farm

Top ten summer activities in Minnesota

The one thing you can do that will complete your family time is – pizza! It is the way to everyone’s heart. During the summer, you can organize a day trip to a nearby pizza farm, something that will make your taste buds happy! Some more popular options nowadays include Fairhaven Farms in South Haven, Pleasant Grove in Waseca, and Two Pony Gardens in Long Lake.

Four children posed together on the grassy shores of a lake in Southern Minnesota.

Making your children happy will make you happy, too. So, if you are spending the summer in Minnesota, I hope this list has provided you with many adventures and sparked your imagination.

Need more ideas for family summer activities or other related topics? Feel free to read my other blogs. Additionally, if you wish to have your iconic family moments documented, don’t hesitate to contact me. As a Minnesota family photographer, I would be honored to create visual memories of your precious time together.

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