Newborn Girl Session

Trying to find that perfect photographer to capture your sweet little bundle can sometimes be a daunting task. There are amazing photographers who all have their own niche, and the best way to discover whether or not you will fit into a client/photographer relationship is to find a photographer who’s style reflects your interests, and ask questions.

This Q&A is more geared towards some of the questions you may have once you have established your photographer, and are preparing for your session day.

New Ulm, MN Newborn Photographer.  Newborn Photographer Minnesota.  Southern Minnesota Newborn Photography.

As a photographer, I often find myself taking for granted the fact that clients know how easy a session can be for them. For example, prior to a newborn session, you will receive a Newborn Prep Guide that contains tips that you can do at home on the day of your session. These are never a guarantee, of course, but have helped babies to come restful and relaxed.

In addition to the Newborn Prep Guide, you will also receive a Newborn Session Questionnaire. This is the wonderful piece that helps you put your vision into action. You will determine which colors you would like, props, etc. and put together the ingredients for a beautiful newborn gallery. I use your information to then collaborate and design various sets, props, hats/headbands, etc. according to your requests. As always, clients have full access to any props, clothes, headbands, wraps, blankets, etc. If you have family heirlooms or pieces that you would like to incorporate, this is also addressed in the questionnaire and are always welcome!

New Ulm, MN Newborn Photographer.  Newborn Photographer Minnesota.  Southern Minnesota Newborn Photography.

When you arrive on the day of your session, everything will be ready for you! I always put the sets together at least one day in advance so your session can begin as soon as you arrive. Depending on if baby is sleeping or not will determine which set I start with. I reassure parents that the baby will drive the session, and I always allot for more than enough time, so there is never any rush.

As a new parent, I fully understand how unsettling it can be with a baby who’s upset – especially when you feel like you’re on the clock. My best advice is this: Relax, and trust that no matter how uncooperative your baby may seem, I promise to deliver you a full and complete gallery.

Sit back, enjoy the moments, and before long you’ll be inquiring about setting up a One Year Cake Smash Session, and those are just as FUN!

See you soon,


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