Five Favorite Newborn Studio Items for Photography

Newborn boy posed on soft neutral background.

I often get asked about everything that I use in the studio to help ensure a smooth session, so I am creating a blog to list them all out! I sharing my five favorite “must-haves” that help each newborn session go smoothly.

Newborn Boy on Green

Five Favorite Studio Items for Newborn Photography

Soft pacifiers

Pacifiers can be a helpful tool during your newborn’s session. I will never over use them – to avoid any nipple confusion or attachment at this young age, but they do provide distraction and comfort to your little one. Unfamiliar voices, sounds or even smells can sometimes leave a newborn unsettled. The pacifier helps to keep them calm and comfortable. I recommend a soft pacifier such as the soothie to prevent any marks on baby’s face.

Baby Shusher

The baby shusher is simply a sleep soother. It is a portable sound machine that was designed to lull baby to sleep with a calming shush produced by a real human voice.

Sometimes simply adding a background noise such as what the shusher provides will help your baby relax and fall into that comfortable deep sleep.


The Munchkin Lullavibe is a vibrating mattress pad sleep soother. Simply put, the Lullavibe provides gentle vibrations to help calm baby and relax them into a gentle sleep.

I often use the lullavibe on the table poses to get them nice and comfortable as well as help them relax.

Space Heater

In order to keep baby at a comfortable temperature, I keep a small space heater in my studio always at a safe distance from baby, and only warming just enough to remove any chill.

Props, Backdrops, Wraps, & Accessories

Over the past 12 years, the studio collection of props and other accessories has grown substantially! This allows me to put together various sets of different colors for each session.

Some of my favorite Props, Backdrops & Accessories vendors are Little Pea Props, Hello Little Props, and Floral & Evergreen.

Of course, as a client of Jennifer Brandes Photography, you will have FULL ACCESS to everything in the studio Client Closet, as well as any props, backdrops, wraps, and accessories!

Sweet Baby Boy on Blue

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